Find the Perfect Ceramic

Artisan Z™ HE

  • Translucency rivals lithium disilicate.
  • High flexural strength is suitable for single unit and long-span bridges.
  • 800 MPa.
  • Ideal Indications: Bicuspids and 1st Molar Only

Artisan Z™ HS

  • Unparalleled strength.
  • Consistent shade match.
  • Up to 1,450 MPa.
  • Ideal Indications: Premolars to Posterior

Artisan P™ (IPS e.max®)

  • High translucency.
  • Beautiful results for anterior region. Stump shade required to ensure accurate shade match.
  • 470 MPa.
  • Ideal Indications: Central to Premolars

Zirconia Layered

  • Up to 1,450 MPa of substructure.
  • Conventional cementation.
  • Natural high translucency.
  • Ideal Indications: Central to Premolars

If you have questions between Artisan Z™ and Artisan P™ for an anterior case, please call Scott at our lab: (651) 457-6600