At Harrison Dental Studio, we are not afraid to be held accountable to your practice’s high standard of success. As a full-service, digitally integrated dental laboratory in St. Paul, Minnesota, we’re constantly innovating to allow us to provide the best restorations available. From our expertise with BruxZir®, to a lab built around harnessing the accuracy of digital dentistry, we’re committed to always offering your patients the most advanced restorations available.


Although we’re experts on modern digital restorative techniques, we also have the perspective to keep us rooted in dentistry’s fundamentals. We have served dental practices with exceptional care and commitment for more than forty years. Our full service dental laboratory fabricates traditional restorations such as full-cast crowns, PFMs, and dentures with the confidence that comes from years of experience, while we render modern restorations such as full-contour zirconia crowns, IPS e.max® crowns, and Straumann® custom dental implant abutments with precision and grace.