Argen® Clear Aligners

Harrison Dental Studio is excited to offer Argen® Clear Aligners that feature advanced engineering. These aligners allow for a convenient and unnoticeable alignment solution for cases of crowding, spacing, midline shift, overbite, or open bite. The sequential aligners gradually shift teeth into alignment over a prescribed period of time. Crafted out of a premium thermoformed plastic, Argen® Clear Aligners offer precise fit, ongoing force retention, and extreme durability. They are designed and fabricated in collaboration with Argen®, an industry leader.

Why Argen® Clear Aligners?

  • 510(k) Cleared
  • Premium Thermoformed Plastic
  • Precise Fit
  • Ongoing Force Retention
  • High Durability
  • Improved Stain Resistance
  • Increased Patient Comfort
  • Faster Treatment Protocols
Argen® Clear Aligners

Simple and Streamlined Case Management

The videos below provide a full overview of the process from an introduction to the clear aligners, account creation, treatment review, and more.

For 3Shape Doctors

For Non-3Shape Doctors

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