Full Dentures

Full Dentures

Harrison Dental Studios employs the IvoBase® Injection System to fabricate dentures unmatched in quality and fit. Accurate and lasting fit is achieved with precise thermomanagement during polymerization. For dependable dentures, trust Harrison.


Indicated for use as a removable full or partial denture. A tissue borne appliance when not used with cast-metal partials; rest seats are not recommended. Can also be used in combination with metal framework or precision attachment cases.

Contraindications Should not be used with patients with poor oral hygiene, very short or heavily worn lower anteriors, over a closed vertical dimension or protruding tori. When there is minimal undercut on abutment teeth, metal clasp will be recommended. Cannot be relined chairside; appliance needs to be returned to the lab for rebase.


Start with an accurate bite registration and void-free impression using a custom tray.


None neccessary.

Tech Notes

We offer many brands of premium teeth (as above) for extra fees, please call for a quote.


  • D5110 Complete upper
  • D5120 Complete lower
  • D5130 Immediate upper
  • D5860 Overdenture complete

Tooth Colored Acetal Resin Clasps

Get beauty and functionality with Harrison Dental Studio’s tooth-colored acetal resin clasps. Our clasps are strong, durable and stain-resistant. Contact Harrison Dental Studio for more information about our tooth-colored acetal resin clasps.

DuraFlex partials

DuraFlex® Partials

DuraFlex® partials exemplify everything you and your patients are looking for in a partial denture: esthetics, comfort and reliability.

Vitallium Frames

Vitallium® Frames

The standard in premium partial dentures, Vitallium® frames offer increased flexibility and strength, as well as smaller, lighter and more delicate designs.

Comfort Bite Splints

Comfort H/S Bite Splints

Fabricated from BPA-free co-polyester, our bite splints are a hypo-allergenic alternative to traditional acrylic nightguards. Fabricated using the latest in thermoforming technology, the Erkoform-3d, these splints are designed to imprint the opposing bite for optimum fit. They feature a hard outer surface for maximum durability and a soft inner surface for a more comfortable restorative option.

Invisiguard Appliance

Invisiguard® Appliance

This soft, durable nightguard is designed to alleviate grinding and afford your patients a more restful sleep. The accurately fitting nightguard thermally self-adjusts at mouth temperature for enhanced comfort. Whether the goal is to eliminate nighttime bruxing or to protect restorative work, this methylmethacrylate free nightguard will save your patients’ teeth from undue abrasion. In addition to invisiguard, we offer hard/soft appliances as well as hard acrylic splints.