Randy Harrison

Though Randy started running around the lab as just a young boy, he got his professional start at Harrison Dental Studio in 1974. After honing his trade, Randy became a crown and bridge technician with extensive training in implants, and now ensures all your cases are fabricated to exact specifications.

Scott Harrison

After years of exploring the laboratory as a boy, Scott took on the roll of Harrison’s expert ceramist in 1977. With training from PAC Live with Dr. David Hornbrook and technician Matt Roberts, Scott has translated his years of laboratory exposure and professional training into crafting superior restorative options.

Doreen Conrad, Process Manager

Doreen brings extensive experience and understanding to the laboratory from more than thirty years in the dental industry. Starting her career as a dental hygienist, she then navigated her way through the industry as an expert technician and now enjoys her duty as Office Manager at Harrison.

John Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager

John began his career in the dental industry twenty years ago as a marketing and sales representative for several major dental companies. Gaining experience and precise, enthusiastic understanding of the industry, John continues to lead Harrison sales department.

Tom Simons, Removables Department Manager

A seasoned veteran working in restorative dentistry since 1976, Tom brings a remarkably wide range of experience. He graduated from military and civilian dental programs and has worked in both in-house and commercial labs, and specialized in fixed and removables departments. This broad perspective gives Tom the vision to work closely with dentists and provide ideal treatment options for every patient.